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FAA Designated Employee Representative (DER) Course

The Designated Employer Representative (DER) workshop students will view “What Supervisors need to know About DOT/FAA Drug and Alcohol Regulations with various scenarios for review and discussion. Additionally students receive an FMCSA DOT Regulation Manual containing Part 40 (Procedures for Transportation Work place Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs), and a FAA manual containing Part 120 (Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations), along with Reasonable Cause / Suspicion information facilitating the Reasonable Cause/Suspicion requirement required by FAA Employee’s Assistance Program.     
This workshop satisfy initial & recurrent training requirements employers are required to meet in Part 120.115 (EAP) for training company Managers, Supervisors responsible for dealing directly with the companies Drug and Alcohol testing program. 
 This Workshop provides instruction and resource materials which enable the DER to: fully understand the role of the DER in the drug testing process; define issues that arise during the drug testing process and actions required of DERs; students learn more about the DER’s relationship with other players in the testing process i.e.… C/TPAs, Service Agents, Collectors, MROs, Laboratory personnel, and SAPs. 
This overview helps ensure employers Managers are compliant with federal rules and regulations better serving the employer, employees relationship by giving knowledgeable to the manager/supervisor about the entire mandated drug and alcohol testing process assuring DOT and company policy compliance accountability, ethical behavior and application of industry standards and procedures. 
Upon completion students receive: 1) Designated Employer Representative (DER) Certification and 2) Reasonable Cause / Suspicion Training Certification. 
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