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FAA Supervisor Training

Reasonable Cause/Suspicion workshop: This workshop is 3 hours course covering FAA / DOT required areas in the Physical Signs, Behavior Symptoms, Performance indicators of Probable Drug and Alcohol use, and Detection. As well as effects, Behavioral clues of use and abuse and consequences of Drug and Alcohol use for Employee’s Assistance Program (EAP) students will view 1-Hour 32 minute video, “What Supervisors need to know About DOT/FAA Drug and Alcohol Regulations” and Power Point slide showing main points contained in the video along with Reasonable Cause / Suspicion Signs Symptoms & Effect information, Forms, to facilitating the employers Drug & Alcohol Program meeting DOT / FAA Employee’s Assistance Program(EAP) requirements for Manager, Supervisor receiving Initial Training and/or Recurrent Training mandated in Part 120.115. Recurrent training is required every 12-18 months.
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