DOT 101 Basic Compliance Training

DOT 101 Workshop

If you have been recently assigned to DOT compliance and safety duties or even an experienced safety professional or owner in need of an update in the changes---these training classes offer the latest changes and information. ALL information is taught directly from the FMCSR Guide.

The workshop is 7-8 hours long starting at 8:30am thru 5:00pm with lunch included classes kept small for more one on one.

Compliant with DOT

Employer required knowledge and Employee Training requirements FMCSR 390.3(e)

Instructor is John Stanley a Retired DPS Officer 30 ½ years, conducting Commercial accident investigations, Roadside & Haz-Mat inspections, 10 ½ yrs DOT auditor and FMCSA Audit Instructor.

Workshop Would Cover:
Arizona Administrative Rule Adoptions, Arizona Revised Statutes relating to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (Interstate vs Intrastate).

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Record Retention, Driver Qualifications, Driver Qualification File Documents, Driver Responsibilities for Load Inspection, Load Securement, Hours of Service, Log Book Rules, Commercial Driver’s License, Vehicle Maintenance Requirements, Maintenance Files Documentation and CSA2010 Overview.

  • 8:30 AM to 12:00 | 12:30 – 5:00 PM
  • Tabbing the FMCSR Regulation Book & DOT Training Manual
  • Arizona Adoptions (R-17-5- ) & ARS (28-5201 thru 28-5242)
  • Part 379- Record retention
  • Part 386 – Rules of Practice
  • Part 390 – General Applicability Definitions
  • Part 391- Driver Qualifications Part 392- Driving Commercial Motor Vehicle
  • Part 393 – Equipment
  • Part 396 – Vehicle Maintenance
  • Part 395- Hours of Service
  • CSA-2010 Overview